Thursday, May 21, 2009

What'd I Miss?

Check out, which is a most clever and useful concept. You go there, click on a current movie showing in theaters, and it will give you a timeline and places where, if that thirty-two ounce Dr. Pepper you foolishly sucked down is threatening to burst your bladder, you can take a pee-break. 

Here's how it works:

Say you are an hour and twenty minutes into the new Trek movie. The Urine Dam is about to give way. Old Spock tells young Kirk to "Live long and prosper," Kirk beams out, and if you clicked on the unscramble button just below that on this site, you will know what the next three minutes of the movie will be, so you can run to the loo, and get back. Not the same as seeing it, but at least you'll know what happened.

A tip of the hat to Dal for this one.


AF1 said...

Bobbe is right. Tired of looking at that damn urinal bag!

Viro said...

It's a site that tells you which movies have scenes after the credits roll.