Friday, May 15, 2009

Grandson Wins

Zach wins the animation award for his effort, posted here earlier. 


Bobbe said...

Hey, congratulations!

He's welcome at my place for a celebratory beer anytime.

Probably be better for him if I take him under my wing early...If Grandpa has to teach him about beer, that kid's edumacation will be shot all to hell.

Worg said...

I hope to fuck he doesn't know the meaning of that smileyface at the end.

Or where it's from.

Belle said...

Congrats from Nancy & Belle!

heina said...

Gratz Zach! Great work. It's a really polished little piece of flash. The voice-over kills me.

Steve Perry said...

I dunno if he knows what that smiley face means or not -- if he does, he's ahead of me -- I don't.

Worg said...

It's the 4chan smiley.

4channers and SomethingAwful members have spread it everywhere, though, so there's a ghost of a chance that he hasn't been tainted by the... dark cenotaph of corruption that is 4Chan.

By the way, quite an astonishing video for a kid to pull off. Projects like that are deceptively large.