Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sly Sweats

Getting in shape for his new movie, The Expendables, Sly Stallone.

So, you think maybe he has a little help from the pharmaceutical companies, hey ... ?


Viro said...

I doubt it. I think he has enough money to spend on a nutritionist, a cook, a large amount of time allotted for workouts and a full-time trainer.

Master Plan said...

Mo' def'.

They got him with the HGH in AZ, coming from Thailand, a haven for such activities. Some pro bodybuilders spend months of the year over there. Rambo (that last one) was filmed there.

He's on the juice for sure.

Of course "gear" (as they like to call it) doesn't work for free. You still need, particularly at his age, a nutritionist, cook, and to hit it really really hard in the gym.

There seems to be some nutrient partitioning effect from the drugs, that is you can, to some extent, just inject some stuff and sit around and get bigger and more lean, but (and this is all second hand stuff btw, I find them to be an interesting subculture so I read up on them pretty extensively a few years ago) for the most part what they do is increase your ability to work out and to recover from working out.

There's a picture of a 63 year old Dave Draper out there for comparison ( has an interview with him from a few weeks back) who is also a life long lifter and former steroid user.

So it's not like it's free muscles just because you've got some vials in the fridge, but at the same time I strongly suspect chemical enhancement. For many actors in fact. I think they are an excellent usage demographic. Appearance based career, plenty of money, no drug testing, easy access to crooked physicians ("Why of course Mr. Stallone, your test levels are critically low, just show up once a week for a fully legal injection of some long-estered exo-test and we'll get you all cleared up"), and the lifestyle to support frequent workouts and highly precise nutrition.

Bale and Damon make me suspicious as well. Snipes.

Not to say for sure they are doing these things of course. Just to say I strongly suspect it.

Based on a few factors I'd say usage among male porn stars is also way way up there.

Steve Perry said...

I'm not sure about his stack, but Stallone admits to using HGH (Human Growth Hormone), the potency of which is enough to make short kids grow taller.

If anything, he not only defends it, he brags about it.

Yeah, you don't get big muscles lying on the couch, you still have to do the work, but to get that kind of mass and have the ability to hit the iron that hard and recover, a good cook ain't gonna do the trick.

Watch his nose and chin. If he starts looking like Richard Kiel, don't be surprised.

(And as an aside, the tats of his daughters and current wife are very artistic, but you have to wonder why an actor would cover both his shoulders that way.)

Master Plan said...

Interestingly the actual effects of HGH on adult humans in uh "supra-therapeutic" doses is not something I can find much data on.

It was interesting to me to note, unless I'm mistaken, that he was never shirtless in the last Rambo movie. I suspect gyno surgery, based on what seemed to be lurking under his t-shirt.

I would expect he's mostly just dosing on regular old testosterone and perhaps some of the ancillary stuff like clomid\arimidex to keep the estrogen down. HGH, sure, he's used it previously, and he's quoted somewhere as saying good things about testosterone supplementation. Many of the benefits of which seem to be much more mood\lifestyle based than strictly physical.

Michael B. said...

Sly..on the way..not Rocky?...yeah right...that cats been stacking since christ was a corporal...he was busted as well for it. But you know what? I don't give a shit...if his movies rock who gives a shit...LOL...same with the athletes..who cares?..I don' has nothing to do with my life in any form..doesn't pay my bills or put food on my I say let them do what they want...if kids find these types roll models then perhaps other things need to be old grey hair sponging the juice to hang on to youth is definitely a personal choice...

Michael said...

Too bad Big Pharma couldn't do much for his form. From the way he was slinging the iron, I was expecting a couple of plates to go sailing through the windows (or through his trainer's head ...)