Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rotor Rooter Cam

So, today, the initial consultation for Steve's upcoming gastroenterological adventure: Where no man has gone before ...

As it happened, there is an ongoing research project studying people about to have their first colonoscopy, and I was asked to participate.

My part involves giving some blood, then, some years down the line, the white-coat folk will do a comparison and contrast with other donors of vampire wine, referenced against the result of their exams. I'm not quite sure how it works, but it would seem that they will look to see which of the blood donors had abnormalities during the spelunking, and if there are some kinds of correlations.

If, say, a thousand people had some unusual findings during the exam, and some significant number of them had some oddity of the hemoglobin-ery, then it might be possible to devise a screen for colo-rectal cancer with a blood test instead of cranking up the snake-cam.

I'm all for helping science, so I gave up a few tubes of blood. And even better, they are going to pay me fifty bucks for my participation.

First time I ever came out of a doctor's office as a patient with more money than when I went in.

Of course, the looming adventure, ah, still looms ...


steve-vh said...

Home recovering from emergency appendix surgery Steve.
This hit's too close to home.

Steve Perry said...

That's better than not recovering, but still not the way I'd choose to spend a few days.

Glad you are still with us, VH.