Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Egoboo: A term from science fiction fandom, short for "ego boost."

Here's my latest: At the writing gig last weekend, during a break, I passed around my book credit sheet for those who were curious as to the titles I'd had published. A lot of folks don't remember the writer's name when they read a novel, mostly they remember the characters or the story. I was that way until I got into the biz myself and made the effort, in case I ran into the writer somewhere.

So one of the students comes over and says: "When I got out of college and started trying to learn how to write, I went to Powell's (a monster-large book store in Portland) to the sci-fi section and asked them to recommend a book I could use to study well-done fight scenes. I remember the book, but until just now, I didn't realize it was one that you wrote ..."

You know, it didn't hurt my feelings at all to hear that.

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