Friday, November 07, 2008

The Television Effect

If you want to see what having even a crappy TV series based on your books will do for your sales, check out the New York Times Paperback Bestseller List for this week. 

Sookie Stackhouse's mama, Charlaine Harris, has seven Sookie books in the top twenty-five. Consider the fact that she's only written eight of 'em, and started doing them in 2001, and the eighth one (in hardback) is still #28 on that list. 

P.S. So I tuned it to see if it had gotten better, the show, and lo, the bar owner is not what he seems. I had him figured for a werewolf from the git-go, but nooo, he's a were-border-collie. 

Oh, man. 


Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

I met a wedding coordinator once, I swear she was really a border collie.

Don't get me wrong, she was damn good at her job. It was definitely a "someone _has_ to be in charge" situation.

Thnm said...

My wife says he's a collie in the books too.

Mark Jones said...

Well, actually, he's a were-whatever. He can turn into any sort of animal, though he doesn't like to turn into birds or bats because flying is apparently a lot harder than it looks.

Steve Perry said...

Well, that's a little better, but I'm not tracking the show close enough to keep up.