Friday, November 07, 2008

Now the Truth Comes Out

So the election is over and Caribou Barbie has gone home. Now that it's done, things are coming out -- from Fox News, no less -- about Dear Sarah that are spooky-scary.
The woman makes a bowl of oatmeal look smart. And Donald Duck's rages look calm.

Africa is a continent? Which countries are in North America?

Can we get a "Duh ... ?" here?

Have a look at the Fox News vid ...

Yeah, okay, it's moot, but for those of you looking forward to 2012 and a chance to see Dear Sarah make a run at the White House, consider that if Fox News (which I've always thought was an oxymoron) is willing to say this in public, how bad was it really?

We dodged a bullet here, folks. No question.


pmrussell said...

Having stumbled upon your post, I feel I must have my two cents...
If G. W. Bush can be elected twice (I mean once was enough) then just about anything can happen. That aside, I doubt the Republican party would ever nominate her. After scrambling about with explanations of what in the world she just said on a daily basis...well, even they can take only so much. I must take you to task, however, for comparing her to oatmeal. What did oatmeal ever do to you?

Dan Gambiera said...

Act I of the GOP Circular Firing Squad and Auto-Cannibalism Festival.

Viro said...

I'd be very doubtful of the validity of most of these "revelations."

This is just one section of the McCain campaign duking it out with another. They're using a familiar weapon, members of the press, to attack each other instead of the Democrats.

Steve Perry said...

If it was coming from the New Yorker, or The New York Times, you might make that case; that it is coming from Fox News? Who strained gnats and passed camels for two years on the campaign trail to French kiss Republican ass?

Nope. It just confirms what anybody with half a working brain could tell: Palin wasn't qualified to sit in the co-pilot's chair, and her choice was just another of the Thelma and Louise mistakes McCain's campaign made.

McCain should have chosen Lieberman for his second. He might have lost anyhow, but at least he would have been able to look at himself in the mirror and know he'd done what he really wanted to do. Sarah was a mistake, plain and simple.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

There's going to be a shark-fight in the Republican tank, and it looks like Fox News management has picked their side. I wonder who they're going to anoint as the new Great *ahem* White Hope?

Worg said...

Hopefully less offensive than the other, I was blinded by my distaste for this woman.

I am thinking that the next few months are going to be an extremely tasty appetizer for some really REALLY tasty main courses.

If you like schadenfreude, that is. I do.

Some of the rightwingers are quite literally up in arms, though. Time for them to belly up to the more-than-you-can-eat crow pie buffet.

We'll see how that goes for all those dead-enders and old regime elements.

Worg said...

Also, I would like to say that I think it's despicable what they're doing to Palin. UNBELIEVABLY despicable, even for republican internal knifefights, which is really saying something.

Predictable, though.

It's not HER damn fault she was picked for a job she was completely and utterly unqualified for.

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, it's partially her fault. All she had to do was say "No."

Dave Chesser said...

Many still don't understand that the Repub party isn't some monolithic institution where everyone agrees on everything. There are factions within the party that are fighting each other for control.

McCain's people aren't the fundamentalist Christian wing, but Palin is of that wing. When the election went sour, his advisers tried to pin the failure on her.

What you're seeing is a struggle for control inside the party. They're just slinging BS and of course Dems just take it at face value like always.

But we did dodge a bullet: the neocon kind. At least I hope we did.

Steve Perry said...

I don't consider the R's monolithic -- but since I am philosophically opposed to the basic Republican platform upon which most of them stand, it sorta doesn't matter to me if they stand on the right, the left, or in the middle of it. As R's go, McCain is more moderate than many, but allowing himself to be led into allowing Palin on the ticket to solidify the right-wing base was a bad choice. I don't think it was enough to cost him the election, but had he won and if something had happened to him, we would have been stuck with Palin and she makes George Bush look smart, which takes some doing.

I'm glad Obama won. I'm thrilled that McCain/Palin lost.