Monday, November 03, 2008

Hummingbird Lights

So the rains have arrived ...

To deal with the wet and gray and offer a little cheer against the getting-dark-before-five-p.m. time change, we put a string of colored lights out under the eaves. Not Christmas decorations, you understand, even though they look exactly like Christmas lights, they won't be that until, well, Christmas ...

Fall festival. Anti-gloom lamps. Whatever.

Lights don't seem to bother the hummingbirds, one of whom just came to perch on the feeder under the colorful LEDs. You can see him there on the other side of the sugar-water bottle, and if you look really close, catch the faint hint of his ruby throat, which is how you know he's a he ...

Off to see the doctor for the follow-up my knee in a few minutes, means I either have to wear shorts, or go the nightgown route once I get there. Chilly out, but I'm going for the shorts.

Election is tomorrow. I voted last week. Win, lose, or draw, I did my part. If you have the right, you should, too.

The world is watching.

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