Friday, November 14, 2008

lndiana Jones and the Army of the Dead - Cover Art

And go check out the artist's site -- that's Craig Howell, Cheeba Productions; the man can draw and paint something fierce.


Dosbears said...


Glider said...

Did you mean dah, dah, dit, dah... dah, dah, dah?
or Dah, dah, dit... dah, dah, dah?
In the Ham community we tend to say Dah, Dit, instead of Day, dot.

Been a while since I phonetically used code. Almost forgot about it.


Steve Perry said...

Nah, I wasn't using Morse, but the phonetic sound of the Indiana Jones theme music.

I can't recall my code -- been too long. My father was a radioman in the Navy in WWII, and a long-time ham operator. Works 2-meter band, when he remembers how these days: W5LVX