Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Want to See Who I'm Supporting for Senate?


Dave Huss said...

What a big pair of brass ones.
Does he have the political chops too?
Hang on to the dude if he does.
I remember how disappointed Minnesotans were with Jesse Ventura. Big balls and out of the box, but didn't have the chops to get things done. We don't get much of the local flavor from out on the coast here in the Midwest. I was always curious as to how the Governator was working out down south of you.

Dean Pennington II said...

Steve, master of understatement there.

It is refreshing to see a real someone, or at least someone who is portrayed as real, take a chance with relating to joe public.

Todd said...

You gotta love the only 4'9" one-handed computer geek in the race. He's got my vote!