Friday, April 25, 2008

Theology and Politics

So, I watched Bill Moyers' Journal tonight on PBS. Barack Obama's former minister, the Reverend Wright, was on for the full hour. When you hear him speak, and see more than just the soundbites cut from his sermons -- PBS ran longer excerpts -- you get different picture than you do via YouTube and Fox News.

Wright might be abrasive and maybe he gets a tad hyperbolic, but -- unfortunately -- a lot of what he was pissed off about, he had -- still has -- good reason to be that way.

I can see why Obama didn't cut him entirely loose. The Rev calls it like he sees it.

Context makes a helluva difference. This was a man who spent six years in the Marine Corps. Between that and growing up black in fifties America, he earned the right to do a little bitching.
And a lot of what he had to say made sense to me, and I'm lily white and a redneck cracker.

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Michael B. said...

Agreed Steve...he said things that will make white America cringe but in fact what he said made pretty damn good sense to me. The pundits also blew Sen. Obamas bitter and clingy remarks up as well. To be honest with you he spoke the truth IMHO. Hell I know a boat load of bitter people these last 8 years and a boat load of them are clinging to what feels safe, i.e. guns, religion etc...This country is so screwed up people better start clingying to their don't help to have a pea shooter in a police state.