Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun For All Ages

Some while back, K.W. Jeter and I did a signing at a local B.&N bookstore. Both of us had worked in George Lucas's universe, K.W. was living in Portland in those days, and we'd get together for the occasional beer or lunch; even did a spec script together that never went anywhere. (K.W. is a helluva good writer, and aside from a couple of classic works in the SF&F field, is the guy who came up with the term "steampunk ...")

As we were finishing up our session, K.W. asked the woman who had been our minder if we could have a couple of the posters they'd put up for our signing. We both thought that the line, "Fun for all Ages!" was just too good to pass up, not even to mention the "anticipatory festivities ..."

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