Thursday, October 04, 2007

You Don't Need to be a Weatherman, part II

Apparently somebody spotted a funnel cloud in the Vancouver/Camus, WA area early this evening. Didn't touch down, so it doesn't merit tornado designation.

Local weather guy had some stats to go with the report: Washington and Oregon are apparently among the least likely states to have tornados, ranking 43th and 46th, respectively, and since 1950, five people in Washington, and none in Oregon, have been killed by tornadoes.
(Apparently Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, and Rhode Island all have fewer tornadoes than Oregon or Washington, and Washington, D.C. is down there, too, though you have to figure size matters -- not much to the District of Columbia or Rhode Island.


Not like Tornado Alley, through the plains and south. And down in Louisiana, we used to get 'em spawned by every hurricane that blew through. Get a hurricane and tornadoes at the same time. Nice ...

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