Monday, October 08, 2007

Songs About Methamphetamine

So there's a big push to get out information on methamphetamine -- aka crank -- this week. A TV show about it is on, lotta coverage.

It's a nasty, nasty drug. As John Sebastian used to say, if you are going to indulge in recreational chem, you should stick with the stuff that grows from the ground.

Meth is bad shit. Even doing it once can screw up your brain chemistry. Don't go there.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to offer my song, "Methamphetamine Mama" up for any filmmaker looking for a catchy, hymn-like warning against the evils of the devil's crystal.


Dan Gambiera said...

Err, mm, no.

Meth is not crack. Crack is re-crystallized cocaine. Meth is methamphetamine sometimes known as ice or crank.

Steve Perry said...

Oops, Typoman strikes again! I knew that!

What the song says:

You gotta stop shootin' up that crank ...

Vapor-lock in the brain -- it's not pretty ...

Michael B. said...

I Dig this song...Steve your the man......bro if you shop that tune to these guys..(they play third coast songs from local and little known artists with that Americana feel)...They would dig this. Where can I get a copy???

And, OH yeah meth, tweak, crystal, geek,festus,zoinker etc etc... is definitely a killer.....I had two good friends bite the bullet doing this was murdered in a ditch near Dallas Texas on a rainy ass night, was tweaking and messed with some bad people, they shot him in the back with a cross bow! The other is doing 27 years in a Federal pen, he was 46 when he went in..that's not 27 years, that's LIFE!...Think twice!

Steve Perry said...

You can get an MP3 off my SoundClick! page: (Under Blind Whitebread Perry, over on the links section ...)

Vincent said...

I like songs that have more specific meanings such as insomnia.One of the very few songs about meth was written by Bruce Springsteen more than a decade ago.Songs like Methamphetamine and Highways and Cigarettes revisit the aesthetic.But I didn’t want to make that the way the whole record sounded.
Crystal Meth Addiction