Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Silat Seminar '08

An announcement, thanks to Todd:

Guru Stevan Plinck will be having a three-day Sera seminar, the second weekend of August, in 2008. I realize that's a long way off, but he'd like to get the word out early so that interested people can make travel plans.

It's open to Silat players in general and Sera stylists in particular.

We don't know everyone who is coming yet, but there will be participants from as far away as Italy and Scandinavia and quite a few from the Americas including (we hope) people like Guru Bob Vannata, Guru Bud Thompson and Guru Cliff Stewart. The schedule and particulars are still being worked out.

Stay tuned to this station for details ....

I'll be there, assuming I'm still around ...

EDITOR'S NOTE: An addendum, from Maha Guru Plinck:

"Hello everybody, I said specifically Sera Players and not all Silat players
at large. Of course this means everyone whom at one time I have shared my
knowledge with. So please correct this before this goes out into the main
stream. Also, the date I mentioned is not official yet because I may change my
mind due to other factors. In fact at this time the 3rd weekend of that same
month sounds better. Thanks, Stevan"

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