Thursday, August 16, 2012

Port Townsend - Road Rage

Had a great few days in the camper at Port Townsend. As we hiked around Fort Worden, we spotted Alexander's Castle. The short story is, the British Consulate built the place for himself and his bride, but when he went home to fetch her, she'd married somebody else.


He didn't live there on his own for long.

On the way home, we were on Hwy. 101 skirting the Hood Canal, which is actually just a narrowing-extension of Puget Sound, and in no way canal-like. A curvy, two-lane road, and as we approached a narrow bridge in a no-passing double-yellow line zone, traffic on-coming, and doing the speed limit of 55 mph, some loon in a VW Jetta passed us.

Two seconds slower, we would have been dodging shrapnel and wounded vehicles, and if you know the three-second rule when following somebody, you know how close that was.

I uttered an expletive or three. So did my wife.

If you've never felt road rage, let me explain how it goes: I wanted to catch the idiot in the VW, who was probably high or stupid or both, cut him off, remove him from his vehicle via the driver's side window, and then whack him against the ground like the Hulk did Loki.

I mean, I really did. 

If you want to jump off a bridge or eat an overdose or shoot yourself, that's your right. But you don't get to take anybody with you, especially me and my family. 

I didn't chase the guy down. Aside from that being hard to do in an RV on a curvy road, that would have been illegal, and I am a good citizen these days. Still, it was one of those adrenaline-fueled moments I could have done without, thank you ...


TKimWrSvc said...

Port Townsend is one of the loveliest towns I have been to. I did 2 separate Navy Reserves 2 weeks at the Port Hadlock Naval Station and from the first day I was in Port Townsend I knew I had found the town that my spirit was at peace. Hope you liked it as well.

Anonymous said...

"These days"?

Sounds like more stories need telling. Providing the statue of limitations have expired, of course.