Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gun Stats: Pistol-Packin' People

Carrying a concealed handgun is allowed in most of the states, if you meet the qualifications. (Not in Illinois or D.C., and severe restrictions in Maryland, New Jersey, and Hawaii.)  

Here, some numbers–valid permits, as of 2011:

1. Florida -- 887,000;
2. Pennsylvania -- 786,000;
3. Georgia -- 600,000;
4. Texas -- 519,000;
5. Indiana -- 406,000;
6. Washington -- 351,000;
7. Utah -- 347,000;
8. Tennessee -- 341,000;
9. Michigan -- 296,000;
10. Virginia -- 279,000.

Interestingly, California, the most populous state, issued about 35,000 concealed handgun licenses at last count. California is a "may issue," state, and most of the top ten are "must issue," meaning that the hoops you have to jump through are more in CA. Pretty much, you have to show necessity, have a clean record, and wait for a while as all the wheel slowly grind. Most of those licenses go to rich and famous, a few professional personal protection folks, people who have gotten serious death threats or who carry major monies or gems. 

Population-wise, more of a percentage of people in Georgia go strapped than elsewhere, about 11%. Devil goes down to Georgia, he better watch who he messes with ...


Dosbears said...

What part of California you live in makes a huge difference. The most populous counties are the least likely to issue permits.

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, I'd heard that, it depends on the local Sheriff's bent. Rural guys are looser that way than big city ones. Not big on reciprocity, either.