Monday, August 06, 2012

Another Nut Job ...

... mowed down people at a religious service, in this case Sikhs, whose crime was apparently that they were brown and not Christian. 

Bigotry is alive–and not well, but as sick as it ever was. 

Sikhs, by the by, are not Muslims, not that that matters. Crazy is crazy, and it will focus where it will. 

For those who are going to make the knife-to-a-gunfight joke–because Sikhs are, in a lot of places, allowed to carry knives, called kirpan, due to a religious exemption–probably better not to go there. 

Not all Sikhs carry knives, not even the men who are duty-bound to do so. Sometimes they have daggers that are real; sometimes they are peace-bonded, i.e., glued in place; or dulled. Many of them will carry a small pocket knife to satisfy the requirement to bear a kirpan. Some will have jewelry in the shape of a knife.

And a man with a gun standing off and shooting is not best dealt with using a short blade. Look at the girl and her kirpan above. Would you want to charge an assassin blasting away with his nine with that weapon in your hand? Or, any knife ... ?

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