Thursday, January 05, 2012


I saw this while checking out of a market earlier today. 

Maybe it's just me: Is it a major selling point that a snack with enough preservatives to outlast Twinkies and to keep something edible until the cockroaches take over is gluten free ... ?

Heard about the guy suing Mountain Dew because he found a dead mouse in a can of drink? Their response is that the stuff would have dissolved the mouse before he opened the can.

Is that comforting to anybody ... ?


Berry K said...

Since my wife and daughter have Celiac Disease, I am delighted that manufacturers are putting the label on more and more products instead of making us guess, and pay with a few days of misery if we guess wrong.

Steve Perry said...

Everybody I know on a gluten-free diet knows what they can or cannot eat. By law, all processed food has to list all the ingredients on its packaging, no?

Slim Jim's or the equivalent is probably gonna be at the bottom of any health- conscious eater's diet, right down there the other junk food ...