Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bedside Reading, Sorta

A quick tally on reading material and what forms it has been in at my house of late.

(According to stats I saw recently, most people in this country are not book readers, i.e., when queried, more people admit they haven't read one book in the previous year than allow they have. Of those who consider themselves readers, the average number of books they consumed in the previous year was nine. 

Nine. Sad, isn't it?)

I got my iPad in June, 2011, primarily as a reader, though it has gone from luxury to necessity in other categories since. I started uploading books, magazines, and short stories into it. However, I continued to read treeware. Fewer paper books and magazines and stories that way than before, of course. 

I've read about forty books on the iPad in the previous seven months, plus a dozen shorter works. Most of it is fiction. There are nine bios, memoirs, and technical books. Currently, I am in-progress on three novels: 11/22/63, by Stephen King; Vulture Peak, by John Burdett; and Raylan, by Elmore Leonard. 

I make it twenty-five books in paper, plus magazines, of which I read two a month treeware. (The New Yorker, I switched to the iPad, that's one issue a week.)

At my peak, I read four-five books a week, and I'm down to half that; however, sixty-five books in seven-and-some months, that's not too bad for an old guy ... 

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Kris said...

Earlier this year, I read the 10 book series by Steven Erikson at a fairly hectic pace, then needed to take three full weeks off from books (something I have never done before) to allow my mind to "reconstitute". I don't recommend doing it that way. Other than that, my ebook reading his just now outpaced the tree-books; which will make moving a hell of a lot easier (theoretically).