Friday, January 06, 2012


Most recent silat class, I apparently overworked my left sartorius muscle. For those of you anatomically-challenged, this is the longest muscle in the body, a skinny strap, originating at the anterior-superior iliac spine. This is at top of the leg. The muscle crosses to the medial side (inseam) and inserts on the upper tibia, via the pes anserinus, the co-joined tendon. The muscle aids in flexion, abduction, and lateral rotation of the hip, and flexing of the knee.

 If you step on a piece of gum and it sticks to your shoe and you lift your foot to look at the sole? It helps with all those actions. We have a kick that looks kind of like that, a hacky-sack sort of motion, and we did a fair amount of those last session. 

We worked legs pretty good overall, did a lot of kicking, twisting, sweeping, all like that. 

Um. Anyway, I was sitting in my office chair, playing my guitar, knees bent, both feet flat on the floor when all of a sudden that sucker seized up and it did not want to let go. I managed to stand and stretch it out, but boy, howdy, was that a not-fun surprise.

Cramp! Cramp! Ah, shit–cramp!

All better now. 

As one of my correspondents here has pointed out, it's hell getting old.

Still beats the option, though ...


steve-vh said...

Yes, yes it does. Eye doc said last week I can no longer wear contacts

Ian said...

Hey Steve,

I find for cramp, if you take a teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt (don't know if you get it in the States) mixed with a glass of water.

Fixes it right up!

Dojo Rat said...

Even worse at night while you stumble out of bed, try not to fall on the dog, cry like a little girl and straighten out every muscle while hitting it hard with your fist...

I found potassium pills help, they're cheap and I'm told it can't hurt.

Joe said...

The prescription for my driving glasses is changing every year now and the only way I'll ever run a 5 minute mile again is if a Grizzly Bear is chasing me.

Gettin' old still beats the only alternative.

aa said...

I use Liquimins Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops. I get it from New Seasons and haven't had a cramp since.