Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oops ...

Apparently, one of Seattle's finest, uh forgot he laid his black rifle on the trunk of a patrol car and went off and left it.

Passersby spotted it and flagged down bike officers to point this out, and in this day where everybody has a camera, somebody got a picture.

Want to bet some LEO will need a proctologist's visit real soon?

Hey, Curly, where is the assault rifle?

Assault rifle? I thought you had it, Moe. 

No, I don't have it, you had it.

Maybe Larry took it ... ?


The story is that an officer was in the police garage cleaning out his car, and laid the weapon on the truck of a second unit as he was doing so. He got distracted, and a second officer came out, got into that unit, and drove off, hardware still perched on the trunk. And the rifle stayed there until he parked and got out, never noticing it.

My. Maybe two guys get visits to the proctologist?

According to the story, this is not a violation of law, but it is of policy: 

Rule 231, subsection A) Do not leave your assault rifle on the trunk of another unit while cleaning up ...


dprice95 said...

Bummer that there was a camera phone handy. My rule is nothing gets set on the car. Of course, that is after 2 broken PBT's (breath testers), a clipboard or 2 all over an intersection...

Jim said...

I hate to say it -- but I don't buy the story. I have a hard time buying that the second car could go any distance and still have the rifle on the trunk.

A few months back, I was transporting a DUI to the jail after doing the breath test at our station. In a moment of late-shift absentmindedness, I placed my clipboard with all my paperwork neatly assembled for the magistrate on the top of my cruiser, put the drunk in the car, and got in myself. Off I go. Two blocks later -- I'm stopping and collecting the remnants of my private ticker tape parade.

(Oh, and my general rule is if something is going to be set on the car, it's set on the hood, at the windshield so that I can't drive without seeing it! Developed that one after a close call with a PBT or two...)

Dan Gambiera said...

I'm buying it. It turned up in other news outlets, not just copying and pasting the Stranger. The followup has official SPD responses.

Someone isn't getting a glowing performance review this year.

Dan Gambiera said...

And this is why only trained police officers, whom we all know are held to a Higher Standard™, should have these dangerous weapons.