Sunday, June 12, 2011

Need a Job?

If you are a writer and you can't get a story out of this, you need to reconsider your occupation.

It seems they have run out of hangmen in India, and they have a murderer who needs to have his neck stretched ...


orclgrl said...

Maybe they would consider outsourcing the position to a Texan or Floridian?

William Adams said...

One of the wildest short stories which I read when I was a kid was of a prison guard on death row, who one after another has to convince the inmates that he sympathises w/ their position and will help them to escape, then kills them quickly and painlessly when they least expect it so that they die happy.

The story of course revolves around a beautiful young woman who has murdered her husband for being unfaithful and wants to die, so he has to convince her that she wants to live and to have the desire to escape.

Well, we can all see where that's going. Seemed very cool when I was 12 or so.