Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Good Intentions, Part II

And wasn't it just a week ago yesterday how I said I was going to start back in on Churl, the Matador novel that picks up twenty years after the fall of the Confed?

A quick check of my posts shows this to be so. 

And I have been working upon it, got a couple thousand more words. Rolling right along. Spetsdöds about to start going off as the bad guy makes a run at the good guys, too.

But: didn't I also say as soon as I made that decision that something else would pop up to get in the way, because that's how it always goes?

Give this man a cigar. 

That theoretical new military space opera series of which I spoke a month or so seems to have firmed up. Nothing signed yet, but a legitimate offer. Less than I would like, of course, since that is always the case for every book I have ever written, but given the market-in-the-toilet conditions, one has to adjust one's expectations unless one is Stephen King. 

One isn't Stephen King here.

Oh, well. 

I will let you know once things get inked exactly about what it is we are talking, and when such books might see the light of day and all.

Stay tuned.  


Brady T. Chin said...

Glad that you've got a paying gig. Bummed that Churl is back on the backburner.

Joe said...

As much as I want to see the next Matador novels, I'll be OK reading the military adventure you're working on.

Best of luck.