Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Did It Have to be ... ?

Snakesssss ...

And for those of you who don't do Los Links! this story is about a guy in Omaha who was showing off his boa constrictor. It wrapped itself around his neck and killed him. Twenty-five pound snake.


Dan Moran said...

You could post more stuff about snakes, with appropriate pictures. Just saying.

Steve Perry said...

Yep. Selma Hayek has a most womanly figure, don't she? And you get an idea of how good an actress she is when you realized she is absolutely terrified of snakes.

(Series is even. I want to see it go three-all and then have the Lakers win by one point with a last second three pointer by Fisher. And hope Jack doesn't have a heart-attack ...)

Dan Moran said...

Boy, I hope it goes 3 all at this point.

I'm going to Game 7 if there is one. I'd have happily traded that for a win in Game 6, but that is not to be. Now I'm just hoping we go 7.

God, I hate the Celtics.

Dan Moran said...

My dad used to go crazy during University of Miami games, and he'd had two heart attacks. Once I mentioned I was worried about it, and he said not to worry .... there was good stress that didn't cause heart attacks and bad stress that did, and this was good stress.

So I'm not going to worry about Jack.