Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Boy Named Sue

Out on the Rez

Now and then, you hear a name and you shake your head. That was my name, you think, you'd change it. Family name is "Hitler?" Maybe shift a few letters around. Maybe, like the old SNL skit, it's pronounced "Az-weep-ay," but if it is spelled a-s-s-w-i-p-e?

Out on the Warm Springs rez, a local got chased by the police recently, and he took it upon himself to sling a little lead in their direction. (Actually, the story says there were two incidents, involving two men and two different tribal agencies, but let's just talk about the one.)

Nobody got hurt.

FBI came in, investigations ensued, and a suspect was identified and collected. Local young man with something of a bad-ass rep, apparently. The alleged miscreant's name?

Waylon Weaselhead.

I figure with a name like that, the boy was bound to grow up bent. Nomenclature is destiny ...


Scott said...

Don't name your son Temujin. Just... don't.

Dan Gambiera said...

Why not? You'd prefer Timur, Subotai or Batu?