Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kicking Sand

One must be careful of news on this date, given how various organizations are dying to put one over on the gullible, but this one appears to be true: Apparently some pirates in a skiff opened fire on the USN vessel, the USS Nicholas -- an Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, while it was on patrol in the Indian Ocean.

The Navy promptly disabled and sank the skiff, then captured the mothership, and took five pirates into custody.

Got to wonder about these loons, don't you? Hey, look, it's a four-hundred-foot long United States Navy frigate! Let's get 'em!

Any part of that sound like a good idea?

Remember that scene in the first Terminator movie where a naked Ahnahl is walking down the street at night and some local yahoos decide they are going to give him crap about it? I mean, if you and your gang were out cruising and you saw a naked guy who looked like, well, Schwarzenegger in his buffed-up days, would you go hassle him?

'Cause if you would, your removal from the gene pool would be a service to mankind ...


Anonymous said...

I agree that modern day pirates attacking a military warship is just stupid…

On a side note (and completely beside the point):

I was watching ‘The Terminator’ on TV the other night.

Of the three punks that accost Arnold; I recognized two.

The spiky blue haired leader was played by Bill Paxton.

I believe he has been in three different movies with Arnold.

The guy who gets his guts ripped out is played by Brian Thompson.

According to the internet, both these guys have long acting resumes.

Anonymous said...

"Looks like a self inflicted wound to the head"

AF1 said...

Sure, if I was a young punk I'd hassle Arnold. Everyone knows that bodybuilders are all show muscle and can't fight.