Thursday, April 08, 2010


If you want to become a housebreaker, here's a tip: Get yourself an orange T-shirt says "Meter Reader" on the back, and a clipboard ...

I looked up from my screen a few minutes ago to see a bearded guy wearing such a T-shirt and carrying a clipboard walking across my front yard, ten feet from my office window, on his way to peep over my back fence. Didn't see a scooter or truck identifying him as working for the gas or electric company.

Probably he was legit; but as I recall from my private eye days, a clipboard, hard hat, and any kind of ID badge on a string around your neck would allow you to snoop around unmolested in a whole lot of places. It was all in the attitude: I have the right to be here -- who are you to ask?


Viro said...

So where did you bury the body?

Justin said...

I enjoy being "that guy" -- the one who asks uncomfortable questions if I don't know you or don't think you should be here.

I recall a few months back coming home (after dusk) to the 6-unit apartment building, and seeing 2 guys working on the back door of a ground-floor unit. I asked them what they were doing so late. Then I asked them who the owner of the building was.

They were legit, but it'd just be so easy for someone to look busy and have ulterior motives -- especially in an area where plain-clothes, everyday people are often hired to do work. Don't even need the clipboard/t-shirt if you're "maintenance."

I tend to protect my neighbor's place like my own; because if they get away with ransacking him, I could be next.

Steve Perry said...

I thought about turning the dogs loose on him, but the sight of two corgis going bibbity-bobbity on their stubby legs isn't on to inspire much in the way of shock and awe.

Laughter, yes. Fear? Not so much.

Dave said...

I have found a FedEx uniform can get you into buildings normally inaccessible. Its a dirty trick but papers served are papers served.