Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Hardcore Martial Arts Folk

In case you aren't already a reader of Rory Miller's blog, you can get there from here -- he's been in my link list since I cranked up my blog. Always worth stopping by.

Mr. Miller's overseas contract as a civilian doing things about which we don't talk is about to wind down, and he is considering the idea of maybe teaching for money.

He and I go round all the time -- not in an ugly way, but in spirited discourse -- but from all accounts, from everybody, Rory knows stuff most of the rest of us simply don't -- we've never had the exposure.

If you are the kind of player who wants to get how-to from somebody who has actually seen the elephant -- or in Miller's case, herd and herds of the suckers -- you might drop him a note and express interest. Maybe if enough people do that, he would make himself available and not sky off back to the desert sands again.

I'm sure his wife would appreciate that. And it would make getting together for coffee now and then a lot easier.

Check out the relevant post, here.

Another one on the way, too, but not for a little while.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone study with him? He claims you can't teach someone how to fight :-)

jks9199 said...

That's not at all what he says... and it's a drastic oversimplification.

Rory even addressed it recently on his blog...

Steve Perry said...

The smiley at the end of the sentence is the give-away. Pulling your leg ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me another means to strangle productivity, Steve. I almost started to work for a minute there!

I'm reminded of Robert W Smith's book, "Martial Musings." Have you read it? It's about a writer/martial artist's experience during a time when martial arts was burgeoning in the West. So many colorful characters and lessons learned. It's more character study/memoir than anything instructional, but it was a good read.