Monday, August 24, 2009

The Cat Turns Around

Layla bathes Ballou

Jude and Layla have a closer look.

I have had enough bath, thank you.

Counter-attack -- flee -- !

So, Ballou the kitten, just over three pounds, is being allowed to roam the house a bit more.

(Crap! Sorry, I had to erase a few garbled characters there, as kitty just leaped up onto my keyboard, by way of my bare leg. Ow.)

Layla, at ten times the cat's weight, and Jude, at fifteen or sixteen times that, have had mixed reactions to the menagerie addition.

As far as Jude is concerned, the chief appeal of the critter is that there's a new, albeit smaller, food source to raid.

Open the door to the washroom where the cat gets fed, the cat bolts and Layla is right behind him, in full herding-mode.

Jude runs straight for the kitty's bowl. Cat? What cat? Who cares?

Layla wants to chase the kitty and give him a major tongue bath. Which she does ... or did.

Until the cat discovered that if he turns and runs toward the dogs, they will fall all over themselves to get out of his way.

Whoa! This is not prey behavior! Look out! It's after us! Run!

Pretty funny. They chase him, he chases them. Amusing no end to see the cat in the hall outside my office and both dogs in with me, watching him cautiously. Careful. It's loaded. It could go off at any second ...

Never a dull moment.


Ed said...

Jude heads to the bowl, Layla gets whats left around the whiskers - tasty little furball.

steve-vh said...

Don't wait till they decide the litter box is a candy dish of tootsie rolls. Find a better place or teach kittie to use the bathroom.

Glock26idpa said...

My 130lb Mastiff who passed away a few months ago loved our cats..... one however did not care for him. She would smack Max in his rather large head everytime he got to close. You have to admire their tenacity!