Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy Day; Cat's Got a Pronoun

Visited with the youngest grandson this morning. Took the critters to the vet for vaccine updates, and found out that what we suspected is so -- kitty is a tom. At least for another six months, anyhow.

Then went to see G.I. Joe with my son and his two older boys. If there was a summer movie they didn't swipe from, I must have missed it. Star Wars, Predator, Terminator, Firefox, Thunderball, every other kung-fu movie ever made. I kept expecting to hear the theme from Titanic playing in the b.g.

Had to turn the hearing aids off -- lot of stuff blowing up real good -- and real loud.

Silly, brainless, and if anybody who plunks down their money goes expecting Flaubert? They are not playing with with all their marbles. Not a date movie, though there is some kissing. Three, I think, not counting flashbacks, and one is instantly fatal ...

Three twists, all of which you can hear coming from the other side of a armored locked door, but I won't give those away, just in case you might want to see them for yourself.

Characters about as deep as a saucer, but hey, you go to watch things blow up real good -- copters, planes, people, the Eiffel Tower ....

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Jonathan said...

I was pleasantly surprised by GI Joe. I give Sommers huge leeway because of Deep Rising and this is the first time in many years that he didn't rape my eyes. Although, it literally made me groan when I heard them being called Joes. It happens a lot.