Thursday, April 02, 2009

Writing Link

Those of you who are writers might want to check out Kris Rusch's blog. She's offering a Freelancer's Survival Guide online -- it'll be a book someday -- and she's is more than qualified to give such advice. She's written, oh, I dunno, eight or nine thousand books, something like that, not even counting the ones she's done as collabs with her husband, Dean Wesley Smith, who has probably written eight or nine thousand books, too. Plus she's been an editor and publisher and all like that. Him, too.

Talented and prolific bastards, these two. Check 'em out.


Formosa Neijia said...

Wow! Thanks for this. Great blog and great advice.

Steve Perry said...

Oh, yeah, Dean & Kris are the real deal -- and they are excellent teachers, too.