Thursday, April 02, 2009

Live From Daryl's House

Check out "The Weight," from Daryl Hall and friends:

Episode 17.
Scroll down and click on the song. Or watch the whole episode.

This is how a bunch of pro musicians jam: You sing this verse, I'll sing that one, here's how we do the chorus, and bam! there it is ...

I love it.


Travis said...

Wow! My baby and I have spent most of the morning listening to various selections from 'Daryl's House', thanks for turning us on to some just AWESOME music!

Dojo Rat said...

Really, really good. We try to pull this one off with the Ukes. It's always better after about seven Beers.
What an incredible home studio in the barn--

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, isn't it a great place? I'd love to be able to sit around and jam like that. Maybe they rehearse out the wazoo and that's not on camera, but it feels like they are all good enough so they can take a song they know, decide on a key, and then just roll, and boy, does it sound and look good if it's just one take.