Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Van Harn

Those of you who don't read the follow-up dialogs, a short announcement -- Steve Van Harn is home recovering from emergency appendectomy surgery.

We seem to be falling apart around here -- backs, knees, bellies ...

I won't post his email, but you can link to his blog here. Drop him a note and offer encouragement and like that. And Bobbe is still waiting for the medical establishment to fix him, too.

I mean, I'm old, I have an excuse. You kids need to take better care of yourselves.


Bobbe Edmonds said...

We DO have an excuse...

We follow the example of the supposedly "Older and Wiser" crowd.

Steve Perry said...

Really? Why, when I was young, having to dodge the dinosaurs and walk fifty miles to school each day through molten lava, uphill both ways, I was in much better shape than you.

I didn't damage anything that sidelined me until well into your future.

These kids today. They think history started with them.

steve-vh said...

Much, much appreciated Steve!
I'm working up to posting something.