Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"That one ... "

So, the second presidential candidates debate is done. Not really a debate so much, given the town hall format, and both men probably did about the same on substance, vis a vis their particular drums, but, clearly Obama won the match over all. No question, especially on the financial stuff. He played it safe -- it was a crappy format -- and McCain didn't make a dent in his lead.


McCain stepped in it. He was attacking high, wide, and repeatedly, and in his zeal to nail Obama, in referring to a vote, there came a line. If you saw it, if you heard the commentary, or you read the newspaper, you will know what it is and how it came across: "And you know who voted for it? That one ..." referring to Obama. Not "Senator Obama." That one.

That one.

When I heard that, I looked at my wife and said, "Oh. Oh, that's bad! That's really bad!" That, I believe, is gonna be the sound bite of the night.

I believe that comment, in a nutshell, lays out McCain's view of Obama, and goes to his core beliefs and his heart. His true colors shining through.

Was it racist? No, probably not. Did it sound aggressive and demeaning? You betcha. It caught McCain's contempt and laid it out there. McCain looks like a bomb with a lit, short fuse, and his dislike of Obama is impossible to miss. 

Cranky, tired, mean-spirited old man. Not the steady hand we want on the nation's tiller, nor on the button that launches the bombs. 

It is waaaay past time for a change, folks. The country needs to swing to the left; if it stays to the right, we will all suffer even more for it than we are now.

If you don't want to vote for Obama, then vote against McCain and Palin. They are not what the country needs. Absolutely not.


Sean said...

"that one" seems to be crushing the polls after the debate...

VC said...

Print this and paste it to your bumper...


Worg said...

Not racist? Don't be so sure.

Look at these peoples' ties. Look at the fact that they have affiliations with right wing death squads like ARENA in El Salvador.

Look at the School of the Americas.

Look at Operation Paperclip, ULTRA, the Tuskegee experiments.

You have to really wonder about all these guys. McCain's Old Guard all right. But which old guard? These guys are our equivalent of the gray-suited KGB hardliners who still run Russian politics. In both nations, there is a shadow government run by the espionage agencies.

You wonder if they're racist? I wonder if these people might be actual card-carrying nazi party members, with uniforms in the closet. No joke.

If you look into some of the actions of the extreme right faction in our government, the espionage faction, the deathsquad faction, you have to ask yourself who really won World War II.

There's a very interesting book called The Perestroika Deception, which postulates that Russia's entire apparent flirtation with democracy was in large part a deception to lull western nations into a false sense of security. Also John Lecarre's "The Russia House." Very paranoid books to some extent, but they make me wonder about factions within our own government and how much power people like G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North really hold. Think Ollie pals around with black folks and jews after a hard day's work at Poindexter's Total Information Awareness project?

Make no mistake: these people keep a fairly low profile, but they are a faction, and they're POWERFUL.

All that aside, I think it would be pretty difficult for someone of McCain's generation and social class to not be racist. The guy is Barney Fife.

If McCain and Palin take power in this country, we're going to see changes that will make Dick Cheney look like Mahatma Gandhi.

Steve Perry said...

Funny, as far as I can tell, nowhere in the local paper's coverage of the debate, which probably ran to four pages, plus the editorial, did they even mention this particular gaff.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Obama's campaign make an add featuring it, though. If McCain has such contempt for a fellow U.S. Senator, how is he going to feel about some greasy foreign leader ... ?

VC said...
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