Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, I was on and posting my review there of the Underwood/Due/Barnes novel I did here on ye olde blogge and came across my review of a product I once bought there that I had forgotten I'd done. I thought it would be fun to put it up here, just to show that my range is all over the map ...

5.0 out of 5 stars It's Tape, for Pete's Sake! November 9, 2006
Yeah, yeah, how exciting is tape? But for certain applications, some are better than others. I do martial arts, which involves a lot of punching and grabbing, and I have jammed my thumbs so many times I have no connective tissue left in the proximal joints, especially on the left. I can sprain that taking my sock off.

I've tried a bunch of splints designed for this -- it's called "gamekeeper's thumb," or "skier's thumb" -- and they just don't hold up when you whack them. The Absolute Waterproof, when wrapped carefully around the joint and anchored with a loop around my hand, stays on and offers good support for a typical hour-and-a-half class, which gets both active and sweaty. It's stretchy enough to allow some give, and still keep the joint stable.

If you have this problem, this stuff is great. I buy it by the case, and use about half a roll total each class. Cheap insurance ...

Maybe later, if anybody is interested, I'll do a little how-to vid of the way I apply the tape to support my thumbs and fingers for MA players who might have the same problem with jamming fingers. Works very well for me.

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