Monday, October 27, 2008

The Brass Verdict

Novelist Michael Connelly has a couple of series. One concerns an L.A. cop, Hieronymous (Harry) Bosch. Bosch has played in a dozen books, and I got hooked on him early and look forward to his new adventures. Man has a hard life, personally and professionally, and is always a treat to follow around for the course of an investigation.

The second series -- only up to two so far -- concerns Mickey Haller, who showed up in The Lincoln Lawyer -- so named because he conducts his law practice out of an automobile of the same name. Three of them, actually.

The Brass Verdict concerns Haller, son of a famous local lawyer, whose criminal defense practice has been on hold for a year as he struggles back from being gut-shot and addicted to pain pills. He's lost his wife, who has custody of their daughter, and is just about ready to get back into the swing of things when an on-again-off-again friend and colleague, Jerry Vincent, is murdered, and Haller is tapped to take over his practice.

There has been a double murder, Haller's inherited client, a studio owner in LaLaLand stands accused, and things go to hell and gone in a big hurry.

This time, Connelly adds a bit of spice -- Haller is the viewpoint character, but he quickly runs into Harry Bosch -- and they don't exactly get along ...

Connelly's characterization is always fun, the plot turns get as twisty as a nest of snakes on speed, and I didn't have a dull moment tagging along for the ride.

Basically a legal thriller, and probably more a procedural than anything else, it's well worth the trip. I confess that I like Harry Bosch better -- he's a tougher, rougher hero, but Haller is a clever lad and interesting in his own way.


VC said...

Have you done a list of the books you read and re-read?

I find that I have a hard time finding new authors and re-read those books by the ones I like.

Steven Brust,
Tom Clancy,
Harry Harrison,
and Yourself.

I just received a Barnes and Noble gift card and would like some advice.

Steve Perry said...

Actually, I haven't made a list of re-reads. Mostly I don't go back -- too many books I haven't gotten to once -- and the handful I do return to for another pass, I've mentioned in the blog here a few times.

Lord of LIght is the one I've read the most, and that one not for a while. Probably about time to revisit Travis McGee. And the ever-useful Elements of Style, by Strunk and White ...

Dan Moran said...

Connelly is probably the best L.A. crime writer since Chandler. (And I'm a savage; I've never read Ross McDonald, who I know wrote L.A. stuff. So maybe Connelly's only the best L.A. crime writer since R.M.)

I re-read all of McGee recently -- last year, anyway, end to end. Meaning to post about it when there's time, which is in larger supply lately than in the months preceding ...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. I had the same surgery, and was out playing basketball again within a few months. My doctor was the guy who operated on the Clippers ... I'd have preferred the Lakers doctor, but he was booked months in advance. The Clippers guy did a good job. :-)

Steve Perry said...

He's better than Ross McDonald. Not as good as Ray, but -- who is?

I'll have to go into the attic to start on Trav's adventures, the old paperbacks are up there. The hardbacks are on one of the house shelves, but they start late.