Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second Favorite Buddy Samurai Movie

Red Sun, with Charles Bronson, Tshiro Mifune, Ursula Andress, and Alain Delon. Also came out in the early seventies, a western/eastern movie.

Inspired casting -- you have one of the guys who starred in Seven Samurai, and one who starred in the American remake of it, The Magnificent Seven.

Clever set-ups, good action, and a couple of the best movie lines ever, including a scene camping with a buzzing mosquito that is priceless.


Brad said...

Nice tidbit of info, Toshiro Mifune did not speak English and learned all of his lines phonetically. did the same for the movie "The Challenge" with Scott Glenn.

Michael B. said...

Dang Steve...were on the same page cinema wise. One of my all time favorite fliks..samurai or not....Bronson was the shiznit...especially in Hard Times, death Hunt and of course Red Sun. Mifune a classic...loved Yojimbo and Hell in the Pacific with Lee Marvin was my favorite of his.