Monday, June 02, 2008

Gathering of the Tribes

Bobbe Reads Aloud:

"See Jip juh-juh-jump? J-J-Jump, Jip, jump!"

My friend Mushtaq offers a space a couple times a year for non-aligned martial artists to come and play. (The non-aligned part comes from the fact that most of those who show up have gotten so disgusted with assorted organizations to which they once belonged that they quit, or set themselves up to get booted out. If you know little or nothing about martial arts and the organizations that grow up around them, know that they tend to be replete with giant egos, know-it-all attitudes, and more than a bit of back-stabbing, back-biting, slander, libel, and general stupidity.)

What this gathering does is get some of the nastier players in some of the nastier arts together, to exchange techniques -- using the term "nasty" here as a New Orleans jazzman does when he says "bad" when talking about a piano player. "Man, that cat is a bad player.")

Um. Anyway, some pictures are here: Tribes. And also here: Buzz.

I make fun of Bobbe a lot because he makes it so easy, but the picture above is of him reading from a certificate that he made honoring Buzz Smith, a kuntaw teacher of note. The Kid is okay -- when he stays away from Nazi beer.


ksmaguro said...

I think bobbe has it in for me. First, I get food poisoning when he comes here in March, then he says, "you're going to share that Chimay with me, right?" at this gathering. The lack of me in any group pictures (except near the end of the day on Saturday) is indication of me sleeping of the waves of nausea.
Props to Chuck for opening up his house and dojo for 7 years so we can all hang!
When you get healed, we would loved to have you out. I usually hit the Spring Fling as the weather tends to be more cooperative.

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, I should have mentioned that it was Chuck's house, a passing fair knifemaker and martial artist, is he. (I wasn't there, but it looked like loads of fun.)