Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Each year, the knife company Cold Steel has a Challenge that involves various ways of playing with sharp and pointed thingees. In the mano a mano competitions, they don't use real weapons, of course, but padded ones, and there are ring judges and refs, much like a karate match.

In addition to the duels, there are throwing events -- knife, axe, spear, tomahawk, shovel, and torpedo (this last a steel rod that looks kind of like a big pencil sharpened on both ends.) This is less subjective -- there are scored targets and the winners are those who score the highest

In the current issue of Kung Fu Illustrated, Cold Steel has a congratulations-to-the- winners page in the back, with pictures of the top four finishers in each event. At the bottom of the page, however, there are only three winners shown in the throwing competitions --- second, third, and fourth. That's because Michah Posada, from San Diego, won all of the throwing events.

All of them.

This is the guy you want covering your back when the sharps start flying ...

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Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Something for Toby and family to aspire to.