Monday, September 02, 2013

Scary Website

Doing some quick research on tactical nukes for the third book in the military SF trilogy, The Dixie Conflict, I came across this. A site where you can  dial up a size and ground-zero a nuclear device onto a map of a city, then show how big the blast radius would be if it were to ignite.    

Take a look at man's ability to deal inhumanity to his fellow men.

Sobering to realize that even the smallest one would do terrible damage and kill a lot of people in an urban area. A Davy Crockett shell would take out a few blocks in New York City; The biggest Russian device tested, the Tsar, would obliterate Manhattan, and irradiate most of Long Island, a big chunk of New Jersey, as well as the southern parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 

As somebody who grew up under the threat of mushroom clouds in the duck-and-cover days, and in a city that was on the Russian's Top Ten Hit list I used to have nightmares about nuclear Armageddon. Look at the map of Louisiana, and see what the biggest Russian nuke tested would have done had it been dropped on the oil refineries in Baton Rouge. Third-degree burns halfway to New Orleans, seventy miles away; up to Mississippi, almost to Opelousas and Lafayette. 

Einstein had it: 

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones ..."


Anonymous said...

Saw this site a couple weeks back and ran the simulation to see what the Crockett would do in downtown PDX. Morbid curiosity indeed.

My brother was on a Davy Crockett crew in the early sixties. He lost his security clearance after the MP's picked him up for one to many drunken brawls.

This video may be of interest:


Jim said...

I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC during the Cold War. Just past the duck & cover days and I was born after the Cuban Missile Crisis -- but my friends and I would play "follow the commie diplomatic tags" in high school. (Why we stopped that particular game is another story...) We pretty much assumed that if a nuke was lobbed, we had one response: bend over, and kiss your ass goodbye. Look forward to no longer needing a night light...