Monday, September 09, 2013


Just put the finishing touches on the draft of Cutter's Wars: The Dixie Conflict, and shipped copies to to my editor and agent.

Glory be! 

This was one of my slowest and most difficult novels. Not for the writing or the story itself, but for all the stuff surrounding the doing of it. The last few months, I have been living, as the Chinese curse goes, in interesting times, and getting the book written was very much hampered by the experience. 

But, turned in, along with, a couple days ago, the galley corrections for the second book, The Vastalimi Gambit.

In theory, Gambit hits the racks around Christmas Eve this year, and Dixie will see the light of day around January, 2015.

I have other work in the offing and I'll get to it, but I believe I might take the rest of the day off ...


Kris said...

Hell, take two days off. Congrats.

Cadeyrn said...

Congratulations on work well done! I've enjoyed your work for many years and can't wait to do it again!