Friday, September 20, 2013

iOS7 - Really?

Apple's new OS for its peripherals is out. Been in beta for a long time, and apparently was a breeze to get if you told them you were a "developer," but the official release was day before yesterday.

So I downloaded it for my iPad.

And what do I think?

Meh. Shrug. Yawn.

Yeah, it has a few more bells and whistles, but most of what has changed I can tell?

Mostly, stuff that wasn't broke has been fixed. 

Used to swiping this way to delete your old emails? Well, now you have to swipe the other way. 

Want to do a search? Don't reach for the left side of the screen. And finding stuff on the net via Search? Apparently gone. 

The new icons, with their, flat, cartoony look? These are improvements? To me, they look, well, flat and cartoony ...

Some of the new controls and headers have gotten exceedingly fine-lined and harder to see.

Want to get rid of open apps running in the b.g.? Not hard, but good luck figuring that out on your own.

Want to go online? Safari has a new look, and all the pull-downs windows and controls have moved and been shrunk. Why is it better to have them on the right side instead of the left? Change for change's sake?

Apple maps are still Apple maps. Get the Google app and install it on your home screen.

So far, most of my apps seem to run with the new iOS, though my guitar magazine forgot that I'm a subscriber and wants to charge me for old issues I already bought. 

Over all, this big whoop doesn't seem like such a big whoop, and if you are a long-time user, you are going to have to re-learn a lot of functions that you used to know just fine.

Some of the recommendations online offer that there's no hurry to switch over, and maybe you should wait a couple months. Since you don't get to go back to 6 if you don't like 7, and all in all, you probably won't be blown away by the improvements, don't break anything hustling to upgrade. 

I agree. 


Reginald Thomas Jr. said...

You can access the old search window by doing a short swipe down from the middle of the screen. It will bring up the old/improved? search screen.

Steve Perry said...

Oh, yeah, I got that. But -- why change it? Is swiping up better than from the side? And it's like having your spouse change all the silverware from this drawer to that -- you are going to keep opening the wrong one for a while and to what end?

Just because ...

DerHaifisch said...

Also, you can add search terms or an address into what was the address bar in Safari. They borrowed from Chrome in that regard.

Justin said...

I'm pretty annoyed by the music function switch. Last iTunes update on my PC was a huge step back to me; I feel similarly about the one on iOS.

People like me have a lot of songs from a lot of artists. Just show me the songs in a row, without showing me a bit 1/3-screen break for the album art (or a blank square if it doesn't have the art). It took me a good while to figure out how to simply listen to one album on repeat.

It's funny how, in Safari, you'd hit the tab button then swipe to get to the other tabs. Now, that same swipe will literally close that window. Odd design choice.

One strange "feature" you may not have noticed: Look at your main apps screen, then tilt your device - iPad or iPhone. There's a weird parallax scrolling trick that makes the wallpaper and app icons move at a different rate.