Monday, November 05, 2012


At the gym yesterday, working the pec deck, I got a bit too frisky. Angled my grip wrong, and strained my left wrist. I felt it give.

Well, crap. Here I was, not even halfway through my workout, and, well, crap. 

So I quit, wrapped it, iced it, and elevated it.

Um. That's what you are supposed to do. 

Remember when you were little and you did something wrong and your Momma or Daddy told you not to do it and you said to them, "But you do that all the time!" And they said, "Don't do like I do, do like I say!"

So here we are, children. When you get such an injury, stop what you are doing and RICE it (For those of you who missed the first aid lecture on Monday because you were too hung-over? That's Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, which reduces swelling and inflammation and helps speed up the healing process by so doing.)

That's what I was supposed to do. Instead, I did what most of the guys I know would do, even though we all know better: I kept going and finished my workout ...

Bad Steve. Bad. 

So now I have Mr. Wrist taped up and I've been icing it and taking Ibuprofen and like that, but it is costing me more than it would have, had I done what I was supposed to do.

And whose fault is it?

I blame Romney. And maybe pomegranates. Ever tried to separate the seeds from the pith in those suckers? Big mess ...


Jim said...

Know that feeling...

A couple weeks back, I was doing squats. Felt my back light up on the first rep; something was a little off, and the weight was enough that there's no such thing as a "little off." Did I stop? Yeah, right.

Finished the set. Tried the next set. Yeah... wasn't happening. Dropped the weight on the rack, then took some off and tried again. Nope. So... I finally quit, right?

Nope. Found a machine to let me approximate it.

Then wondered why my back made its opinion felt over the next week and half...

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't that like 50% of your typing capacity shot to hell for a while? Matador fans look out for this stuff, don't ya know.

Got a good speach-to-text program yet?

Enjoyed you and Barnes at Kung Fu panel on Saturday. Glad to see you didn't get pepper sprayed on the way out.


Steve Perry said...

Nah, I can still type, which, depending on your taste, can be either good or bad.

Somebody shot a picture at the autographing and you can see distantly through the window the demonstrators at the park in the b.g.

Earlier, I took a stroll around the block to loosen up and noticed that aside from the bike patrol officers at the park, there was a staging area on the other side of the hotel with officers ready to don riot gear. (For those of you not there, this was a free speech demonstration about, basically, taxing the rich, an offshoot of the Occupy Portland! movement. They didn't have a permit to parade, and there were some marchers who got some pepper seasoning along the way ...)

steve-vh said...

why didn't you just switch to legs and abs??

Steve Perry said...

Had already done legs, and I don't need to work my abs ... besides, change my routine? Are you mad?