Monday, November 05, 2012

Last Political Post of the Cycle

Last Political Post of the Cycle: Tomorrow is election day for most of us. Some of us get to vote early, and I did so about a week back, so it's all over for me but the vigil.

Here's a deal for my Facebook friends on both sides of the aisle: 

If my guy wins, I won't crow about it. If he loses, I won't bitch about it. The people will have spoken, and while I have spent way too much time moaning and groaning about how blind and stupid the people can be -- George W. Bush? Twice? -- win, lose, draw, that's how it goes. 

I hope my FB friends will follow similar paths. If you are voting for the other guy and he wins or loses? Shut up about it either way. I expect that most people are sick of electoral politics by now, Lord knows I am, and even if you love the stuff, the best ice cream in the world will make you puke if you gobble too much of it.

No hard feelings from me to my friends on the other side of political aisles. I'm not ready to cut you loose because we differ on heartfelt issues. Reasonable people can disagree. Sometimes they should disagree.

But: If you persist in your high-fives, or pissing and moaning, depending on whether your guy wins or loses, for more than about two minutes? Unfriend me now because I will be reaching for that button to do it to you. Nobody likes a poor loser, and nobody likes a poor winner, either. Shut up already. Feel good or lick your wounds, but do it quietly.

If we've learned nothing else from the tsunami of half-truths and outright lies that have filled our radios and TVs for the last year, we should have learned that unless we stop trying to stab the other side in the back and work together, we won't be getting shit done in this country.

Whoever wins is going to have a mountain to move and a dull shovel with a warped handle with which to do it. Whatever promises he made, he cannot possibly keep them all, or even most of them, you can't possibly believe that if you have ever read a newspaper. If you step up to impede the man with the shovel, to make it worse, you are part of the problem and the very least you can do is get out of the way.


Joe said...

Mr. Perry:

Can I have your permission to quote this last blog on my Facebook page?



Steve Perry said...

Joe --