Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This'll be my last political post before the election, unless there is some kind of major change in the world; I've kept it down this time, but I have to get this off my chest:

If you haven't decided for whom you are going to vote by now, be it President, Senator, or your local dog-catcher? 

My opinion, of course, but I suspect that you are 1) an idiot, and 2) you don't deserve a vote.

Lean left or right? Vote for the D or the R. Don't like the major parties? Believe the Libertarians or the Greens deserve your vote? Go for it. 

Think that it doesn't matter because the world is secretly run by three little old Jewish guys who live in a vault in Zurich and they have already chosen the winner? If that's what you believe, at least you have a position.

But you haven't gotten around to deciding yet? 

Yes, of course, politics is a pain, and by this time in a cycle, we are all up to here with the ads and claims, but it's part of what being a citizen requires of you–that you educate yourself enough to make a choice based on something other than hair style or tie color or flipping a coin. If you can't, you are a crappy citizen. 

We live in a sea of information. Anything you want to know about pretty much anything is out there to be found. If you can't garner enough data about candidates to come to a decision about which to choose? You aren't trying.

You really aren't.

If you simply don't care, that's fine, you are allowed to maintain your ignorance and I pity you, but for God's sake, don't vote. Stay home. Because you surely don't know the issues, what is at stake, nor, I suspect, which way the sun comes up. You are part of the problem. Not a matter of whether or not you agree with my choice, but that you are so out-of-touch with consensus reality that you haven't managed to form an opinion. 

Stay home, dullard, and leave the elections to people who care.


Kris said...

May I never again have to see another "focus group". It scares me to think that those people drive. I swear, I saw one, after the second debate, that had a member who, with a straight face, declared that they sat down leaning Obama, thought the president did the better job (in said debate), and was now leaning toward Mitt. She didn't even blink.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll say this: we do live in a sea of information and it is remarkable how much of it is damned useless or propaganda designed to persuade rather than inform. Pretty hard to have an informed opinion when Fox and media matters can twist people around. Yeah I still do the work but it would really help if our news sources were up to snuff. I want know about Kim Kardashian's boob job no problem. I want an in depth look at things? thats a lot tougher and getting more so with newspapers going down the toilet. Langdon