Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News of the Empire

Not sure which picture I like better, but they both catch the tone. Try to imagine Donald Duck saying, "No, I'm your father ..."

What does it mean for me? Not a whole lot–I've played in the Lucasfilm yard several times, books, even a graphic novel series, enjoyed those experiences tremendously; GL was very good to me. (I immodestly offer that Shadows of the Empire can run with any of the other EU books, and I think the two Medstar novels and Death Star were underrated ...)

Probably I won't be doing any more work in the SW's universe. (I'm still a little ticked they didn't ask me to take a shot at the animated Clone Wars series: Hey, I'm a Star Wars writer and did a slew of animation for the tube, who was better qualified?–Yoo hoo! Over here!)

Do I think the sale is a good or bad thing? Good, I suspect. The Mouse knows how to fill theater seats, and we are talking about folks who run Pixar and the Marvel movies, so they can do it as well as anybody. They can get the best writers, actors, directors, producers, and I suspect they will, to make back their money. Reboot? Why not? 

Plus GL will have even more money he can put into his education foundation to help folks.
Sounds like a win-win to me. 

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