Saturday, October 20, 2012

B Ball

Went to a pre-season exhibition Blazer game last night, courtesy of my son–and courtesy of his boss, who was out-of-town and who has court side season tickets.

How close to the action were we? Stretch out a foot, you could trip a player going by. 

I wonder how many people have ever been tempted by that notion?

Couple times, the ball came our way. First time, I just moved my head to one side and let the little kid behind me catch it. Second time, my son grabbed it and I tossed it back to the ref. 

Don't get to do that in the cheap seats.

This is the way to watch a pro basketball game. Of course, you have to be rich and to stand in line to manage that, since court side tickets are as readily available as hen's teeth here. 

Golden State won–the Blazers have a new starting lineup that can run with anybody, but the bench is erratic, and at one point in the third quarter, four of the five players for Portland on the court I'd never seen before, and the fifth was a reserve guard only on the team for a couple years. 

What they call a rebuilding year for the Blazers: New GM, new coach, new players. 

Always a bridesmaid up here ...


steve-vh said...

So, you were in the Sweat Zone"?

Steve Perry said...

Oh, yeah. Only way to watch the game. Back a few more rows, might as well stay home and watch it on the tube.

Of course, my son only gets those seats maybe twice a year, when his boss isn't in town, and even then, there's a waiting list ...