Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get Up and Move!

Article in today's Big O by David Stabler on exercise. Basically says, exercise is better than diet in a lot of ways, vis a vis physical and mental health, and if you sit too much, you do yourself harm, even if you do work out.

Worth a gander.

I have to point out: The study that claims sitting and watching the tube will lop a couple years off your life is more than a little bit of a reach. The abstract is here, the full text here, and if you read it and look at the methodology, you can see it's one of those meta-data examination things that obviously doesn't eliminate enough other factors to be definitive. 

There might be a causal link is not the same as there is one, and the popular press tends to seize on anything that they can stir or shock a reader/viewer with–they are forever trumpeting a new cure for cancer, a live-forever potion, based on a small study with mice and despite the author's denials that s/he said any of that. 

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Anonymous said...

"After work, she'd sit on the couch and consume 3 pounds of Hershey bars with almonds, followed by half a gallon of ice cream." Wow! Maybe exercise is better than diet in some ways, but I'm willing to bet she could have been fairly sedentary and a lot healthier if she had forgone her nightly sugar a-bomb. I think it was Jack Lalanne who said "exercise is king. Diet is Queen put them together you got a kingdom". Langdon