Sunday, September 23, 2012

Florence, Oregon

We went to the Chowder and Blues Fest on the coast Friday and Saturday, held in the picturesque little town of Florence. Supposed to be gray and rainy and cold the whole time, turned out to be mostly sunny and short-sleeve shirt weather. Great.

Some of the groups or single players were pretty good, some not so much. One guy had pretty good chops, but he was using rhythm track loops on some of his song, i.e., pre-recorded backing, and a couple times, he started the song at a tempo, say 80 bpm, and when he got to the loop, it was running at 70 bpm, which meant he had to slow down. Time was, I wouldn't have caught this.

Our favorite restaurant, Feast, née Crave, has shut down. We tried to find a replacement, but couldn't. Food wasn't bad, but what is supposed to be the best place on town, according to reviews, didn't come close. Ah, well, maybe we'll stumble across another gem someday ...

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